Saturday, 18 July 2015

Half way until home

This next time next week I'll be preparing to go home. People say that you learn a lot about yourself when you go travelling. I had heard this phrase so many time but never really taken much notice, mostly because I have been travelling before for long periods of time and never had some sort of enlightening experience of self discovery. I can't say I have had this moment of clarity on this trip either but I have felt homesick for probably the first time in my life. The feeling of being thousands of miles from your family and friends is plainly, a horrible feeling. I have a new found immense respect for people who go on gap years alone or go on their year abroad and have to say goodbye (ok more like, see you later) to the people that they love and want to spend all their time with. I found the prospect of two weeks away strangely daunting, two weeks in the grand scheme of things is nothing in comparison to the months and years that people leave home for. Of course, it is a manageable feeling- as most things are- it just takes time to get used to. But that intermediate period isn't much fun.

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