Sunday, 26 July 2015

The Secret History

I took 'The Secret History' with me to India and surprisingly, fell in love with it. Like many things in life, my dad told me that I should read it about 3 years ago and I only decided to read it this summer. This pattern occurs quite often, like how I hated chickpeas and cous cous and now obsess over hummus and tagine. But back to the book. Perhaps it was the sympathy for the protagonist's agony in memorising verb tables or the sporadic mentions of the 'Upanishads' that appealed to me. The unexpected changes in the plot had me hooked and the often dark and strange character develops added intrigue to the story line. I wouldn't necessarily call it a light hearted novel but it didn't require much effort to read because I always found myself wondering what would happen next. I found the initial bacchanal episode very interesting. Of course, this is fiction, but if a group of academic classicists were so involved in their subject that they were able to perform a Bacchic ritual. Could the same be done by Indologists and obscure Shaivist rituals? Just a thought.

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