Monday, 31 August 2015

Destination: DF Mexico

Minimalist black exterior, tiny potted cacti in the window and the smell of Mexican food. A winning combination in my eyes. I hadn't heard anything about DF Mexico but had walked passed it on my way to Nude Espresso and was curious to see what it had to offer. 

On going in you are met with an open plan restaurant, perfect for casual dining. The set up is nandos-esque where you are given a table number and have to go up to the desk to order and pay- the most orthodox of diners might turn their nose up at this style but it's perfect for groups. Once you get to the desk you have the option of ordering yourself on the touchscreen pad which I went for but ended up making so many mistakes that the waitress had to come over and help me anyway (haha). Perhaps this is an example of where technology is more or a hinderance than a help.

Peanut butter is my first love but avocados follow as a close second. So naturally I had to sample the guacamole. Rich, creamy, moreish. But nothing you can't make at home. I did enjoy the corn tortilla chips though, they were on another level to the humble dorito.

I was incredibly greedy on this Sunday evening at DF Mexico but I'm going to use the excuse that I was unbelievably hungover and couldn't stomach anything for the whole day so this was my first actual meal- I don't usually go in QUITE so hard. So we tried the veggie nachos which were the same tortilla chips with refried beans, cheese and spicy salsa. Also nice but you probably only need to go for one of the guac or nachos options  satisfy your tortilla cravings.

I decided to try the chicken burrito with a 'cup of corn'. A rather boring option but I enjoyed it none the less. Lacking the heat which is often found in Mexican food, I had to dowse this in chipotle sauce. It was good but it didn't blow me away. The real winner was the cup of corn. Deliciously salty and flavoursome, the unassuming cup of corn stood out as one of the best things I had that evening. 

Next up were the chicken tacos with a side of cowgirl beans. The tacos were fresh and satisfying but again- nothing insane. The cowgirl beans had a LOT of potential. Beans and chorizo.... What could go wrong? They came out luke warm- lacking in both chilli heat and ACTUAL heat. I wasn't impressed.

One of my favourite parts of the meal was the drinks section. Yeeeees, okay, the refillable drinks theme is also quite nandos-esque but look at this! This reminds me of OLD SCHOOL itsu which used to have these same drinks dispensers. The ice sink and wedges of lime on the side were a nice touch and it's always fun to get involved with your dining experience. I tried all of the drinks and I particularly liked the hibiscus agua fresca. I've never tried horchata before but felt obliged to because 'Horchata' is one of my favourite Vampire Weekend songs. I'm glad I tried it because spiced rice milk is DELCIOUS. Think of masala chai but lighter and icey cold, the perfect after dinner dessert drink.

I enjoyed my trip to DF Mexico and have actually been there since. I won't be running back but it is a fun restaurant with some good food. There is nothing really to me that sets DF Mexico apart from Wahacca (they were both started up by Thomisina Miers). Wahacca has a more extensive menu and there are far more locations around London and the country, I'm sure both restaurants can satisfy the same hankering for Mexican food.

DF Mexico- Hanbury Street, E1 6QR.

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