Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Farmgirl Cafe

Some might say that I'm passionate about food... I would say that I'm obsessed. I love trying new cafes and restaurants so when I came across Farmgirl Cafe on instagram I knew it was somewhere I needed to visit. My friend and I tried to go one monday a few weeks ago but it turns out they are closed on mondays, not so ideal but it left us even more curious to visit and try out what the hidden cafe had to offer. It's at the very top of Portobello Road on the end closest to Notting Hill Gate and is tucked behind a courtyard along with the shop Sister Jane.
We started off with flat whites as we tried to decide what to order. SIDE NOTE: How nice is the pottery?! We took what seemed like an eternity to decide what to get but the waiter was very patient with us. The people next to us got the pancakes which looked amazing but we were in a savoury kind of mood and were both intrigued to try the COCONUT BACON BLT. Yes. COCONUT BACON. We weren't disappointed. I really hope this picture depicts how humungous this sandwich actually was. The combination of coconut bacon, avocado, cashew cream, buffalo tomatoes and salad was truly delicious. I'm going to be honest and say that this was probably at least 4x better than the raw sandwich I tried before at the Wild Food Cafe (which was also pretty good) and about 4x as big as well.
Just look at it. Perfect for any vegetarians craving a BLT fix... The lavender and rose lattes sounded amazing but unfortunately they didn't have any left today, I suppose that just means I'll have to go again, such a shame.

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