Monday, 17 August 2015

Bermondsey Brunch

On Saturday I took a trip down South to Bermondsey to explore Maltby Street Market and Rope Walk. If you're a fan of Borough Market but want to try something a little bit different, this is the place for you. The stalls are little less well known on the London street food circuit and it's the home of wholesale Monmouth and Neal's Yard. An artisan dream.

We started off the food fiesta by trying a hopper. When I was India last month I was obsessed with appom with coconut milk so I was PUMPED to see (the synonymous) hopper on offer. This didn't disappoint. It was light and tangy, sweet and sour, crispy on the edges and soft in the middle. I also had a lot of respect for the girl making them because I definitely couldn't handle the heat of the stove which she made the hoppers on! There is a serious gap in the market for Sri Lankan and South Indian cuisine in the UK. It is so different from the rich and creamy Northern curries which are so popular here. England needs more thalis and dosas. Seriously.

I inherited my love of peanut butter from my mum. I can't live without it. Cut me open and peanut butter runs through my veins. (Ok, slight exaggeration). I have seen this company in a few smaller health food shops but always thought it was quite pricey but there was a special offer if you bought three from the stall so it was a must buy situation.

I needed a fresh juice to combat the endless carbs I was about to consume. I went for the Liza Mintelli- so minty and fresh. I would say £4 for a juice is pretty extortionate though. But this is London and with the right marketing techniques I'm pretty sure you could get a Londoner to pay £12 for an almond croissant.

 I then proceeded to sample on the finest St John's raspberry doughnuts, grilled cheese and homemade Italian ice-cream. After a morning of culinary delights, I rolled back West with a serious food coma.

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