Thursday, 1 October 2015

Destination: The Breakfast Club, Hoxton

Hoxton. How uncharacteristic of me. Every time I've walked past The Breakfast Club in Soho there has been a ridiculously long queue which I have never been patient enough to wait for, especially when the likes of Princi are waiting just around the corner. So when I found myself in East London this summer it only made sense to pay the Hoxton branch a visit, in the hope that I would finally be able to get a seat. And I did! Let's start with the smoothies.


On the left we have the 'Green is Good'- a spinach, mint, apple and mango smoothie. I've got not other word for this that 'whatever'. If you have a nutribullet you should save your £4.50 and make this at home. On the right is 'The Big Breakfast' which is made up of strawberry, banana, oats, honey, yoghurt and milk. I'm going to be honest with you here... also very whatever. BUT, with that being said, I would say that if you are getting a massive greasy breakfast then a green juice might be the perfect accompaniment. 

Yum. This is good. I got the avocado and poached egg on toasted multi-grain bread with chilli and lime. For me this is probably the perfect breakfast, the combination of crunchy toast, soft avocado and runny egg yolk. I must also mention that my boyfriend got the 'The All American' and the pancakes were deliciously fluffy and flight.

I enjoyed The Breakfast Club and I'm glad that I finally got the chance to try it but I must be honest- this place is ridiculously hyped. The combination of consistently long queues and and innumerable amount of berry pancake pics on instagram was enough to make a curious Londoner like me desperate to go to The Breakfast Club. Yes, it is nice, I won't deny that, but it isn't anything amazing. It's a relaxed place with a chilled out vibe, perfect for brunch with friends but if you are looking for an artisan experience, this is the wrong place for you. The decor is also quirky in a typically standard quirky way- yeah we get it, faces drawn on cups and vintage posters, I bet you also idolise Zoey Deschanel. Woah- it's getting a bit deep now. This review isn't meant to be scathing, I actually enjoyed my experience there and the food was alright, but I'm just been ReAl.

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