Sunday, 18 October 2015

Monmouth Coffee

Monmouth wins every time. Although suitably artisan and undoubtedly trendy, Monmouth is nothing new to the seasoned London coffee connoisseur. Everyone loves Monmouth and if they say they don't then they're only fooling themselves because they feel that they don't want to conform to the coffee cult that has taken over the city. Monmouth does it all for me: it has an inviting cafe to sit in and chat, sells beans that you can take home and ultimately, serves the best iced latte that has ever passed my lips. 


Here are a few shots from the Bermondsey branch. The place to be if you ever find yourself stranded on the wrong side of the river. Monmouth use the drip method and I LOVE IT.

Just look at it. The house blend used at Monmouth never fails me and it is a cup of coffee which is reliably good and always comforting. I am not going to limit this post to just the flat white because to me, Monmouth is so much more than that. The cappuccinos? The iced americanos? The lattes? The ham and cheese swirl pastry? The apple tart? I could go on but you get the picture. It is all delicious. There is a reason why the Covent Garden store is always rammed and the queue down the tiny hall way winds down had of Monmouth Street. You can go in and get overwhelmed by the friendly staff who try and make you taste at least 7 different types of coffee before you end up having to take out a small mortgage once you have settled on trying three different types of Brazilian beans. Oh and whats more- don't worry about the consistency of the beans being that tiny bit to grainy for your aeropress because they ask you how you make your coffee and they grind the beans appropriately. (You can also buy whole beans for all those orthodox coffee fiends).

Monmouth changes lives. Take this boy from Birmingham for example. He had only ever tasted the delights of Nescafe Azera (I am not dissing this because I do have a soft spot for Gold Blend (no shame in that)). I remember his reaction when he had his first sip of the beloved flat white: euphoric. When I first went to university two years ago- I made sure that I had two brown bags of my favourite Monmouth beans to take with me, one of my friends made fun of me for this but for me it is a taste of home.

My summers are marked by the willingness of my dad to buy me a £3.20 iced latte from the Covent Garden shop. The first slurp indicates good times ahead. You can make out in the back of this picture the busy workstation at the back where they lovingly create these coffees. The workers seem dedicated to the art of coffee. It's not just a job- but it's a lifestyle with stripey t-shirts and salt water sandals to match. 

I could go on forever talking about my love of this coffee. If you haven't tried it before. Do it. 

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